Communication Center Overview

An extension to the Hospital Console/Clinical Capacity Management platform, the Communication Center module is your health network’s critical communications hub. It assists switchboard operators in managing communications with healthcare providers, handling emergency procedures, and ensuring follow-ups.

Accessing the Communication Center

Access the Communication center from the Hospital dashboards.

To do so, open the Hospital dashboards menu and select Communication center.


Working With the Communication Center

The Communication center is split into four panes, each tailored to the actions you need to perform.


1. The Recipients Pane

The Recipients pane allows you to quickly consult a variety of information about a specific contact or to select recipients for your communications.

Start by searching for a contact and perform actions based on your selection.

2. The Contact Numbers Pane

Start by searching for a contact and select a recipient to display their available contact methods in this pane.

3. The Communication Pane

Use the Communication pane to send communications to selected recipients, or log calls performed outside of the Communication center.

4. The Ongoing Communications Pane

The Ongoing Communications pane displays all communications that require the operators' attention, thus allowing for a better cooperation.

Access the different tabs to perform one of the following actions:

Using the available Keyboard Shortcuts

Optimize your navigation within the Communication center by using the following keyboard shortcuts.

  • Access Help: Press on ? to open keyboard shortcuts Help and learn how to navigate efficiently.
  • Search: Press on / to focus on the Search bar and find what you need.
  • Send message: After entering your message, press on Ctrl + Enter to send or log the communication.
  • Send and Save message: After entering your message, press on Ctrl + Shift+ Enter to send or log and retain the communication on the screen.
  • Close window or panel: Press on Esc.