Adding a Comment to a Contact Card

The Communication Center facilitates cooperation between operators by allowing them to add comments to a contact card. The comments become available to everyone and their publication can be scheduled for a predefined period.

(i) When you add a comment to a contact card, it is only visible in the Communication center.

To add a comment to a contact card, follow the steps below:

1. Search for the contact card to which you want to add a comment and select it from the list.

2. Click Add a comment.


The Add a comment window opens.

AddaComment_Window.png3. By default, the Start of display fields show the current date and time. Select a new date and time if you want to show the comment on the contact card at a specific moment.

(i) Before the Start of display date and time, the comment is visible for its creator only.

4. Comments stay on a contact card until they are deleted. If you want the comment to be automatically removed from the contact card after a specific period, select a date and time using the End of display fields.

5. Type your comment in the field.

6. Click Add.

The comment is now visible at the top of the selected contact card:



To modify the comment, hover the cursor over the comment and click Edit.

To remove the comment from the contact card, hover the cursor over the comment and click Delete.

To access information about its creation, its modifications and its period of visibility, click History.