Communication Pane

Use the Communication pane when sending communications from the Communication center or logging phone calls to record information such as the communication’s recipients, its origin and the content of the message.




The recipient section shows the contact information pertaining to the selected recipients and contact numbers.



Enter the information about the communication in the fields from this section.

Field Description

Incoming number

Use these fields to enter the requester’s contact information.

You must enter information in at least one of these two fields.

Incoming call origin Use this dropdown list to select where the call is coming from. The options available are predefined by your administration.


When sending a communication to mobile phones as SMS or to alphanumeric pagers, use this field to enter the alphanumerical content of the communication.

The message is limited to 160 characters.

Numerical message

When sending a communication to numeric pagers, use this field to enter the numerical content of the communication.

The message is limited to 160 numeric characters (0-9 and *).


Use this field to add notes about the communication that do not need to be included in the message.

The note is limited to 300 characters.

Wait for callback

Select this option when you need the recipient to confirm that they received the communication.


Emergency Procedure

To link your communication to an ongoing emergency procedure, select it from the list that appears in this section.



When there are more than three ongoing emergency procedures and the one you are looking for doesn’t appear in the list, click Show more until you find the emergency procedure to which the communication needs to be linked.

(i) When you open an emergency procedure, it is selected by default for the first communication you send.


To consult the reference document for a specific procedure, click View.