Contact Numbers Pane

The Contact numbers pane shows the list of available contact numbers for the selected recipient.

These numbers are linked to the phone registry and are either added by the members or by the phone registry administrator.

Accessing the Contact Numbers Pane

To access the Contact numbers pane, start by searching for a contact and select them.

The first number from the list is selected by default and appears in the Recipient section of the Communication pane.



Numbers appear in the same order as they do on the contact card in the phone registry. When a number is identified as a favorite number, it appears at the top of the list and is selected by default.



(i) The numbers added by a member to their contact card appear first in the Contact numbers pane, before those added by the phone registry administrator.


Selecting a Contact Number

Numbers of various types are available for you to select. Click on a number to select it.

Numbers of the mobile type also require that you select a Communication method.



(i) When a communication is sent to multiple recipients at once, the SMS Communication method is automatically selected since the Communication center cannot make phone calls.


To use a number that is not included in the list, select Other number.



Contact groups and procedures allow you to send a communication to multiple numbers at once. When the recipient of your communication is a contact group or a procedure, all numbers from the list are automatically selected and can’t be removed.

When a contact group contains another contact group, the list shows the number of devices included in the child contact group along with their type.