Absence categories Blocking or Preference

Ability to determine for each category of absences whether it is Blocking or Preference type.

1. In the configuration of an absence category, you can now define the impact of this type on the planning: 

A. Go in the Scheduling menu in Absences section

B. Select the Categories tab

C. Click on the Pencil of the category you want to manage the impact or on Create new category for a brand new one


D. In the first section select the expected impact of the category on planning Blocking or Preference


E. Save the modification or the new category


Important notes:

1. Previously, the only category of absence of type Preference was the acronym PRF and it was exclusive. This is no longer the case now, you can have various types of absence categories preference.

2. All of your current absence categories, excluding PRF, have been set to Blocking. This ensures there are no changes to your current configurations.

3. If you change the impact of an existing category, the impact on the absences already created will be the following: Change the impact for all absences using this category, starting from the start date of the current planning period and for all absences of this category in the future.

4. For each category of Absences preference. A (PRF) Will be added everywhere when selecting an absence category with this impact, so that it is well identified by your members.

5. An absence category with a preference impact does not have the same weight when planning the schedule, so make sure that if you change the configuration of your absences categories to inform your members, so they use them properly. All categories with preference impact will have the same impact on the planning, as PRF categories previously used.