Viewing the Temporary Replacement Journal

To view the temporary replacement journal for a specific shift, follow the steps below.

  • All the actions taken by a user concerning a temporary replacement along with the details added by the operator are recorded in the Replacement Journal.
  • The Replacement Journal is available even if the replacement has been deleted.



  • You must be logged as a user with rights to access and modify the dashboard.
  • At least, an initial temporary replacement has been created.


1. Access the dashboard and select the relevant shift.

(i) An icon appears on the shift’s tile where there was any temporary replacement activity.


2. In the shift details pane that opens, click on Replacement Journal.

  • An entry indicating the date, time, and user is recorded for every action (creation, modification, deletion).


3. Click on the left arrow to close the Replacement Journal.

4. Click Close to close the shift details panel.