Viewing Temporary Replacement Details

To view more details about a temporary replacement in a specific shift, follow the steps below.


  • You must be logged as a user with rights to access and modify the dashboard.
  • The temporary replacement or replacement gap has already been created.


1. On the dashboard, identify the temporary replacement or temporary gap that has been added to a specific shift.

2. Select the shift to open the shift details panel.


  • An icon appears on the shift’s tile where a temporary replacement or gap has been added.

  • When the temporary replacement is effective, a blue pill (red pill for a temporary gap) shows when it will stop being effective.


3. Click on the temporary replacement to display more details.

  • Details about the selected replacement are displayed in the right panel.


4. Click on View original shift to view the initial shift responsability.


5. If there is more than one replacements in the shift details panel, select another replacement from the list to view the details.