Export button and Information icon are found throughout the Analytics section.

  • Clicking on the Export button will generate a spreadsheet containing the details of the subsection.
  • The Information icon opens a pop-up legend window explaining the information found on the page.


From the Filter roll-down menus, the date range can be selected.
To reset the filter, click on the Reset all filters.




Activity summary

Number of changes: Number of shift trades (trades, transfers or marketplace offers) that have been completed.

Active members: Total number of members belonging to the groups that are in the selected dashboard, whether on the web, iOS or Android application.

Absence requests: The number of absences entered for all members, scheduled or not, which belong to the groups that are in the selected dashboard. Each absence is worth 1 count.

Communication via the dashboard: The number of messages sent via the selected dashboard, either by clicking on an assignment in the dashboard to write or call an on-call physician or via the write a message link accessible to administrative staff with the necessary permissions.

Communication via the secure messaging: The number of communications initiated through secure messaging between the dates selected in this section by members belonging to the schedule groups included in the selected dashboard.

The report contains the names of the members and their amount of absence requests.