Export button and information icons are found throughout the Analytics section.

  • Clicking on the Export button will generate a spreadsheet containing the details of the subsection.
  • The Information icon opens a pop-up legend window explaining the information found on the page.


From the Filter roll-down menus, the date range and a specific group/service can be selected.
To reset the filters, click on the Reset all filters.




Clinical and on-call shifts

Data for the selected dashboard for the duration and the group identified in the filters.

  • Average number of shift per scheduled member
  • Average number of Clinical shift per scheduled member
  • Average number of On-call shift per scheduled member

Each assignment counts for 1, regardless of how long it lasts.

The report contains the list of planned members, the total number of shifts, the number of oncall shifts and of clinical shifts.


Bottom graph
Same as in the top one, but by specific service.