Publishing a Schedule

The planning stages are over and the schedule is complete. To share it with the members of your group, you must publish it. 




Publishing the schedule


Publishing the schedule is a very important step in the planning process as it sends out the various assignments to the resources' individual calendars. Only at this point can they see the schedule and adjust it to their needs by transferring or exchanging tasks.

Also, publishing the schedule shares with planners of other groups any assignments you may have made to a physician's schedule that is also in that other group.



Publishing a period to the members of your group is as simple as clicking on a button. The Publish  button is located at the top right of the screen.



A window will open. There you can select the group members to receive an email informing them that the period is now published. Then, to proceed, Click the green Publish  button. Member's schedules will automatically be updated.



 After, the Publish  button will indicate that the period is published.