How to synchronize my calendar

Synchronization from Petal to an external calendar is possible with: 

To synchronize your calendar:

1. Go to the Calendar section.



2. Click on My calendar.



3. Click on the Share your Calendar button at the top right of your screen. 


4. Choose the desired external calendar and follow the procedure.



Apple Calendar

We have created a document that explains the configuration procedure step by step. Here is the link to the article:


Google Agenda

Log in to your Gmail/Google calendar. 

1- In the left section, beside Other calendars,  select + (Add other calendars) 


2- Click on ' From URL ' 



3- Paste the Petal Calendar address (you copied earlier) 

4- Click on 'Add calendar' 


Microsoft Outlook


Log in to your Outlook account.

1- In the left section, select the Calendar tab.

2- Click on ' Add calendar ' and a new window will open.

3- Select 'Subscribe from web'

4- Paste the Petal Calendar adress ( you copied in step 1) 


5- Give your calendar a name

6- Click on 'Import'.