Create a shift

  1. Scheduling product;
  2. If you are a member of more than one group, select the correct group at the top of the panel.
  3. Shifts section;
  4. Shifts tab.
  5. Create a shift button.





  1. Enter the Shift name: 40 characters maximum
  2. Select the Shift type:
    1. On-call: shifts that are on call or for responsibilities for which the assigned physician might need to be contacted.
    2. Normal: clinical tasks with physician presence.
  3. Description: optional. The information will be displayed only when a task is selected in the personal or group calendar; the content of this description will be in the right pane with all the details.
  4. Start period: this is the current period. The shift will be added to this and all future existing periods.
  5. Configuration: see point 6 of the Shifts article.




Time slots and time clocks

Select the shifts time slots:

  • Click on the "+" at the intersection of the block and the day of the week,
  • on the "Open Mon. to Fri." link, or
  • "Open 7 days".


In order to avoid configuration errors, the shift blocks can not overlap. When selecting, some slots will become inactive. For example, when opening the DAY slots, the AM and PM slots will not be available because they are inclusive of the day.

Note: The hours of a time slot are for information purposes only. It is the block that manages the entire configuration of a shift. It is therefore important that the determined hours go in this direction.
Example: an AM time slot for which the hours are modified to be the equivalent of a DAY block, ie from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, will have an impact on shift blockings and absence requests; they will only apply to the AM and not to the whole DAY.

Multiple Blocks 

Multiple blocks are used for planning. They simplify the assignment of the same resource to multiple boxes with one click. If you can not find the multiple block configuration that fits your needs, do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.


Edit a time slot

By clicking on a blue open time slot, it is possible to modify the default configurations.


  1. Holiday management: the shift is open or closed during public holidays, or only for holidays.
  2. All day: from midnight to midnight, with no possibility of changing these hours.
  3. Hours: start and end time of the shift.
  4. Requirement: the minimum and the maximum number of physicians that can be scheduled for this time slot. (Note that the minimum can be "0".)
  5. Units: shift value for the equity counters.
  6. Apply to:
    1. Only to this time slot: the edit will only apply to this slot for that day.
    2. All open time slots:  the edits will apply to all the time slots open on the same block.
  7. Cancel the edit or Apply.





Save and complete the configuration

When the shift creation is completed, click on Save to complete the addition of this shift.



Skill management

After saving, a skill management window opens to manage the members who can do this task. You can make the changes immediately or do them later in the Skills section.

Skills and teams



Confirmation of the new shift creation will be displayed at the top and the shift will be in the list.



After adding a task, complete the configurations: