How to split a shift

From the planning tool, the shift splitting feature lets you split a shift between two members of your group. For example, if a physician is OnCall but unavailable for the beginning or the end of their shift you can now "share" the task between two members.

The shift must have been configured as "splittable" and have a minimum/maximum of 1:1 member. This configuration can be made in the Shifts section of the Scheduling module.



Split a shift in the planning tool


Assign the member which will be doing the first part of the shift by clicking on the arrow next to their name in the assignment table.



The first member has been added. To add the member which will be assigned to the second part of the shift: click on the scissor icon next to their name. 



Both members now share the same task.


To edit the time when the shift is split: Click on the pencil, under the name of one of the two members.



 Edit the time for the split. Save.



Once all the changes have been applied, a dotted line between the two members will indicate that the shift is split, hovering over a member's name will show the time they are assigned to the shift.