The Public Hospital Console

For users who are not licensed to access the Petal platform, it is possible to view physician schedules on the public console, in read-only mode. However, it is necessary to be on the establishment's local network.

This article explains how to navigate the public hospital console.

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, click here.


Accessing the Public Console

Open your browser and go to the URL specific to your establishment. It may be available directly on the intranet, or the URL may be saved as a favorite in your browser. The language of the public console will match the language of the browser.

If the page displays the error message below, it means that the IP address of your computer is not recognized by the system. This is probably a network error, contact your establishment’s IT department for assistance.




Navigating the Console

Select the View

  • At the top right of the console, it is possible to switch between the daily view, labelled Now, and the weekly view, labelled Weekly.
  • The Now view displays the person who is on call for the shift indicated under the Current column, as well as the person assigned to the next shift, under the Next assignment column.



This label indicates when the next shift begins.



  • The Weekly view shows all on-call personnel for the previous day, the current day and the next 5 days.



Select the layout

  • In the top right corner, a menu allows you to change the display by choosing between the available layouts.



Search for a specific shift or person

  • To search for a specific shift or person, use the search bar located above the Shifts list column. A minimum of three characters is required, but it is suggested that you use the exact name to refine the results.



  • By selecting a person’s name in the schedule, a panel will open on the right side of the screen. The specific hours of the shift will be displayed, along with the physician's full name and contact information. The physician's contact numbers will only be displayed if the physician has agreed to share this information on the public console.



Using the task filter

  • The All shifts drop-down menu allows you to filter the list by No physician assigned, Temporary replacement and Coverage gap.
  • For a more precise result, you can use the Search physician or shift and the All shifts filter at the same time.

Status of missing shifts assignment

If no one is assigned to a shift for the period in question, the following assignment statuses may be displayed:

  • No physician assigned: a physician is not required for this shift, and none is assigned

  • Coverage gap: a physician is required for this shift, but none is assigned.


  • No physician required: this shift is closed for this period

  • Unpublished schedule for this group: this shift does not have a schedule for this period