How to offer/accept a shift on the marketplace

How the offer a shift on the marketplace on the mobile app video


When a shift is offered on the Marketplace, it is available to all of your eligible group members. It can be offered for either for trade or transfer, or both.


Offer a shift on the Marketplace

1. Go to the Calendar section


2. Access My calendar.


3. Select the shift you would like to offer on the Marketplace.

4. Click on Offer on the marketplace.


5. Choose one of the 3 following options and add a comment, if necessary:


  • Trade only (1 for 1)
  • Transfer only (no shift in exchange)
  • Trade or transfer (the person accepting your shift will be able to choose one of the options)

6. Click on Send. The shift will then be available on the Marketplace.



Withdraw offer

Click on the offered shift and click on Withdraw. Confirm.



Accept a shift in the Marketplace

When a group member clicks on the offered shift in the marketplace, they see the details of the offer.



Trade only

1. Click on One of your tasks to select the shift to offer in return.



2. The days in blue are the ones where you have shifts. Click on the date and then select the shift.


3. Click on Continue.

4. Verify the details of the offer. Click on Send.


5. Close or click on Send my offer to propose additional shift offers on this Marketplace.

If several members offer an exchange, the initiator can choose the offer that suits them best.


Transfer only

1. Click on View my calendar to see your calendar.


2. Take.
The offer is automatically transferred. The first who takes the shift wins.


The Offeror is informed when someone takes the offer.



Trade or transfer

1. Click on either the Send my offer or Take button. See above for an explanation of each option.


The first who takes the shift in transfer wins the offer regardless of whether exchange offers have also been sent.


Approval process 

When an approval process is required on these shifts, the following is displayed :