• Changes to the login page

    On October 5th, 2021 the current address of the login page will change to app.petal-health....

    Kathleen Kelly
  • PetalMD Introduction - Doctors and regular users

    Watch these videos to learn more about the general features : Complete tour of the mobile app Complete tou...

    Raphael Aubé

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  • How do I allow notifications from Petal app in do not disturb mode on iOS 15?

    1-Go to the settings app.   2-Focus   3-Do not disturb   4-Authorized notifications   5-Add an authoriz...

    Anne Marie Lussier (Petal)
  • I forgot my password

    To reset your password:   1. Click on the link Forgot password   2. Write down your email and click on Cont...

    Kathleen Kelly
  • How to access my profile

    How to modify your profile on the mobile app (video) To access your profile, click on your initials or pic...

    Kathleen Kelly
  • How to change my password

    To change your password:  1. Access your Profile and click on Connection information   2. Input the pas...

    Kathleen Kelly
  • How to change my email

    Your email is necessary to log in to PetalMD. It needs to be written the exact same way you wrote it when y...

    Kathleen Kelly
  • How to change the language

      Here is how to change the language in which the platform is displayed:   1. Access your profile by clicki...

    Kathleen Kelly
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