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Group Calendar

  • How to access group schedules

    Group calendars allow you to see tasks that were assign to you for a specific group, as well as tasks that ...

  • How to access the view by physician

    The view by member allows you to have a global overview of all tasks assigned to your colleagues. After hav...

  • How to access the monthly view

    The calendar monthly view allow you to display all of your colleagues tasks for a specific month. After hav...

  • Schedule export

    The schedule export will generate a spreadsheet with the names of the members in the first column and the s...

  • How to print your schedule

    To print your schedule, access your desired group calendar, and then click on Print at the top right of you...

  • How to change display settings

    Personalize your group calendar display through options located at the top right of your calendar.   1. By...

Scheduling from the Group calendar

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