Calendar sync settings for iPhone and iPad.


This article will allow you to configure your calendar in an optimal way with an iPhone or iPad.



Synchronization configuration
Synchronization settings
Delete a calendar subscription


Synchronization configuration

1. Select the Petal app


2. In calendar, select the 3 points



4. Synchronize



5. Subscribe


6. Select Account on iPhone and add 



Synchronization settings

1. Go to your device settings



2. Check if all the events are synchronized and then select accounts.



3. Go to Fetch New Data 



4. The data must be set to Push and the subscription to Fetch for it to sync.



Note: If the device is in power saving mode, the calendar will not synchronize automatically. It will resume synchronization when the mode is deactivated.

5. Further down, in the "Fetch New Data" section, make sure that the "Fetch" option is not set to "manually", but with your preferred update frequency. The selected refresh frequency will dictate howlong your iPhone should wait before checking if your calendar needs to be downloaded again. It is not recommended to set it to automatic mode because the background synchronization will only happen when the device is connected to the WIFI network.


Note: the refresh rate can have an effect on the battery life and the amount of data received by your mobile device. Petal recommends setting this value based on your device and cell phone plan.


Remove the Petal calendar

In the event that tasks are no longer updating in your iPhone calendar, it may be necessary to delete the Petal calendar entry before redoing it to correct the situation.


1. Open the Calendar application  

2. Select the Calendar section 



3. Press the i next to the Petal subscription



4. Unsubscribe