Web Offer

The Web Offer section is used to define whether or not a time slot will be available online for the physicians working in the clinic. You must build a default Web Offering and then personalize the time slots for specific physicians as needed. 

If there is no Web Offer set for a service, this service will not be available online for patients to book. 

A web offer converts into a time slot governed by specific parameters. Here below is an example of parameters given to a Web Offer:

    • The weekday of availability
    • Offered on the Web (8:00am to noon)
    • Reserved for Staff (1:00pm to 4:00pm) 
  • This example of a Web Offer might then be allocated to an in-person Walk-in appointment.

The larger your web offer will be, the more time slots citizens will have available to make an appointment online with your clinic.