Clinic Information

This tab allows you to validate the information previously entered during the Installation Wizard process. Take a moment to verify that your clinic information is correct. All boxes (except office number, extension number and logo) must be completed in order to save the changes. If the boxes are not filled, the “save” button remains grey. 

See below for more details about each field:

Field Details
Clinic name Verify your clinic name. Ensure that it respects the correct spelling and use of capital letters.
Address Verify that the address is correct.
Additional information (office number, floor number) Optional field. If your clinic has a floor or room number, include it here, otherwise leave blank.
Phone number Verify your phone number, including the regional code. 
Extension Optional field. If patients need to dial an extension code to reach your clinic, include it, otherwise leave this space blank. 

Optional field. Should you choose to include a logo, the accepted formats are: .png, .gif, .jpeg. The maximum file size is 5 MB. You can edit, delete or crop your image at any time by clicking the edit pencil button that will appear on your inserted logo.