Secure Messaging is not included in my current package? Still, I have never paid for messaging.

 Effective October 22, 2019, Petal Message's secure messaging becomes a separate product from any other product in the PetalMD suite.


Is there a charge for messaging?

 Yes, there will be fees. This will be discussed with your sales representative when you renew.


Is it safe?

 Yes. Petal Message meets the highest industry standards, and complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA standards.


What are the differences between the previous mail and the new version?

 The new version of secure messaging introduces the concept of chat. It also comes with user status, mute mode, and better control over notifications of new messages.


Can I get email without having other PetalMD products?

 Yes, it is entirely possible for a department, clinic, hospital, or other facility to purchase Petal Message without having another product from the PetalMD suite.


Who can I contact with messaging?

 Petal Message users have access to all users of the secure messaging.


Who can contact me via messaging?

 Since Petal Message users have access to all users of the product, this means that all users can be contacted.