A better notifications control

The division of messages into chat and communications has enabled our team to offer you another much-needed feature: better control over new message notifications.

Since chat is used to chat with colleagues, and hospital communications are used by your institution to provide you with important information of general interest, it is quite possible that each of the types messages does not require the same attention from you.

This allows you to enable notifications for chat and for communications independently. For example, you may decide to receive notifications for chats, but not for communications from your business. Moreover, as there is also the notion of "urgent" message, you can activate notifications only for urgent messages, but not regular messages.

So you have the option to set the ringtone or vibration for four types of incoming messages:

  • A message received by regular type chat
    A message received by urgent type chat
    Regular type hospital communication
    Urgent hospital communication

This means that without even looking at your phone, you are already able to identify that the incoming message belongs to one of these four categories.