Edit a shift

For details of the different concepts found in this article, please see the article Create a shift.

Here's how to edit an existing shift. 

  1. Scheduling product;
  2. If you are a member of more than one group, select the correct group at the top of the panel.
  3. Shifts section;
  4. Shifts tab.


List of active and future shifts for the selected schedule group.

  1. The search field allows you to quickly find a shift.
  2. Click on the Pencil corresponding to the shift to modify.


The information in the Description section can be changed.


Time slots and time blocks

  1. The slots can be modified by clicking on the blue cell.


  1. Make the necessary changes.
  2. Click Apply.


Note: New time slots can be opened, according to the logic that slots cannot be inclusive of one another.
Existing slots cannot be deleted. If you want to completely change the structure of a shift, delete it and create a new one. Advanced clients should contact Petal support to change the structure of a shift as deleting a shift can have an impact on equity and constraint configuration.
  1. When the changes are complete, click Save to confirm saving the information.



After saving, the skills management panel will open to make adjustments to who can do this shift. If no change is required, click on Define later or Save, without having changed the Skills.