Absences view in Dashboard

Absences view in dashboard accessible with special permission

It is now possible to view the absences of all scheduled members of your organization through the absences view of your dashboard.

To get access to it, you need to have Absence view permission in the member management of your dashboard group. 

1. Access the Hospital menu

2. Select the Absences view

3. By default, each scheduled member will be listed in the view, regardless of whether they have absences or not.

4. Planned members in scheduling group with the basic plan option will be identified, informing you that they do not have absences management, so the fact that their absences are not displayed does not mean that they are available.

5. It is possible to isolate members with absences for the week consulted by selecting the box: Hide membres without absences.

6. It is possible to search by member (physician) name to see specifically this one.