Who's on call now dashboard

A new Now toggle allows all dashboard users to see who is currently covering a shift.

1. You can toggle between the Now and Weekly dashboards by using the following button. Your preference will be kept and reused every time you log back into the system: 


2. The first column shows who is currently covering a shift. This assignment is based on the Current time while the Next assignment shows who's the next person that will be affected to a particular shift kind. You can also visualize when the next person's shift will start.



3. Any shift trades that occur among members in a medical service will be updated on the dashboard in real time. If a user remains on the dashboard view and the hour changes, the current and next assignments will automatically be refreshed to show the new assignments. 

4. When a user leaves PetalMD, the last toggle selection will be kept for further sessions. For instance, if you sign out while the Now dashboard view is selected, it will be the next presented view when you log back in.