Members and teams

The grid in the Members and Teams tab of the Skills section allows for the mass management of the skills of members belonging to teams. Rather than going into each team, this grid makes it possible to apply several changes simultaneously for several teams and several members. Its use is the same as for the grid in the Members and Skills tab.


1. Go to the Schedule Management menu. 


2. Click on the Skills



3. To view or make changes to the skills of members, go to the Members and teams tab.




Changes in this grid will impact who can do what. It is recommended to validate the eligibility of members in the Members and skills tab to ensure that it is always the right people who can do the right tasks.

The change in skills has a direct influence on the current period and all future periods.

  • Impacts to member eligibility:
    • Remove a skill: the member can no longer be considered in exchanges and transfers for this task.
    • Add a skill: the member will be an eligible resource in exchanges and transfers.