Teams management

Self-service team management allows you to create teams, delete teams, manage members, and tasks that should only be done by members of one or more teams.




1. Go to the Schedule Management menu. 


2. Click on the Skills


3. Select the Teams management tab.

4. If your group contains teams, by going to this tab, you will see the list of teams belonging to your group.




1. Click on the CREATE A NEW TEAM button.

2. Enter the information to create your new team:

A. Team name: limited to 20 characters. Be careful of unsupported characters

B. Select one or more members who will belong to this team: at least 1 member is necessary to be able to create a team.

C. Select one or more shifts to define the members of this team as those who have the skills to do the shifts that will be selected.

Shift selection in team creation is optional as a team can be used simply as a filter in the scheduling tool or in the group calendar in the member view.

In the case where shifts are selected, this team can be used to manage the skills of the shifts. 

3. Click on Save when you have completed the configuration of your new team.

4. Once the team has been saved, it will be on the list of teams.

5. This team will also be added in the current and future periods.




1. Click on the pencil corresponding to the line of the team to modify.

2. Make the required adjustments for members and shifts related to this team.

3. Click on Save to confirm changes.

4. Changes made to a team will be made in the current and future periods.




1. Click on the trash can that corresponds to the line of the team to be deleted.

2. Confirm that you really want to delete the team by clicking on the Delete button.

3. The deletion of the team applies to the current and future periods.




Changes in this grid will impact who can do what. It is recommended to validate the eligibility of members in the Members and skills tab to ensure that it is always the right people who can do the right tasks.

The change in skills has a direct influence on the current period and all future periods.

  • Impacts to member eligibility:
    • Remove a skill: the member can no longer be considered in exchanges and transfers for this task.
    • Add a skill: the member will be an eligible resource in exchanges and transfers.