Managing Members' Skills

This module lets the scheduler manage the skills of the members, of whom can do what. 




1. Go to the Schedule Management menu. 


2. Click on the Skills


3. To view or make changes to the skills of members, go to the Members and skills tab. 



4. Display grid shows member skills with a green checkmark , while the lack of skills for a member displays a gray X .

A. The list displays members of the current period and members of future periods.

B. The list displays the shifts of the current period and the shifts of the future periods.




1. To make changes to the skill, click the Edit button


2. In edit mode, the table view will be modified to allow you to make changes.

A. Click on a blue checkmark to remove a skill from a member.

B. Click on a white box to add a skill for a member.

C. Click on a white box ALL, on the first horizontal line under the shifts names, to add a shift as a skill to all members of the group.

D. Click on a white box ALL, on the first vertical column after the name of the members, to add all shifts as skills to a member.




Click the Filters button to reduce the information on the page.


By default, if your group has more than 25 shifts, access to this table will be pre-filtered on the first 25 shifts so that the navigation is more efficient and effective. You can then modify the filters to display the information that is relevant to you.


You have the option to apply filters on 2 axes, members and shifts. Once the filters have been selected, click Apply.

When filters are applied, the Filters button displays a red indicator.

When all the information is visible, the red indicator is not there.

To get only the members of a specific team or a specific subset of shifts, it is important to uncheck the teams and the members and then select one or more teams, or for the subsets and shifts, uncheck subsets and shifts, and then select subsets.



When the data is filtered, the use of the boxes in the ALL row and column will be applied only to that that can be viewed.



The change in skills has a direct influence on the current period and all future periods.

  • Impacts to member eligibility:
    • Remove a skill: the member can no longer be considered in exchanges and transfers for this task.
    • Add a skill: the member will be an eligible resource in exchanges and transfers.