Phone Registry


The Phone registry allows administrative members to manage contact information in order to reach on-call physicians. The administration of this information does not alter the contact details entered by the member from their user profile. The two databases coexist, so the data from the two sources will be displayed in the hospital console.

Before a member can access and administer the registry, they must have the required permissions and be an administrative member of the console group. A member of a schedule group linked to a console cannot have this permission.


Here's what the Phone registry can do and how to use it:

1. Click on the Hospital dashboard menu


2. Click on the Phone registry tab in the left menu


The list that appears shows you all the planned members who can receive assignments in your console as well as the numbers that are available for each member

  • Phone numbers from the member's profile cannot be changed by hospital administration. It is for this reason that we see the padlock icon in front of these numbers.
  • Administrative members with the required permissions can add, modify and delete contact details from the Phone registry. The information that will be entered will be completely independent of the contact information added by the members and cannot be modified by a member. If a member does not agree with the information available, they should contact the staff responsible for the registry for changes to be made.



The phone numbers display sequence

  • The numbers managed by the members are always presented first followed by the numbers added by the administrative staff of the registry
  • Numbers are presented in the order chosen by the member or by administrative staff when adding numbers.
  • If the member reorders their phone numbers from their profile, they are automatically updated in the registry and in the hospital console



What do the labels “Private” and “Public” mean?

It is possible to determine whether an administrative number is private or public for each member of the registry. This allows you, for example, to make a doctor's pager number available while on call while keeping their personal phone number confidential.

Public number

Private number

Number visible to all users of the hospital console in Web and mobile version as well as to users of the public console.

Visible to members authorized to access the Phone registry: the call center and the administrators of the console group. This number is kept confidential and will never be visible to everyone.


How can a member share a confidential number with the hospital?

From their profile, a member can select the Phone registry option when adding a telephone number. This number will then be visible to the administrative staff of the Phone registry.


Edit members' contact details

Here are the steps to add this type of contact information to the Phone registry:

  1. Locate the member for whom you wish to add contact information and click on the corresponding line;
  2. Enter the phone numbers you want to make available in the hospital console;
  3. Identify the type of number;
  4. Enter a phone number;
  5. Determine whether the number should be public or private;
  6. You can add a note to provide additional information to the phone number. This note will be displayed in the detail of an assignment from this doctor.

  7. Click Save to save the changes. The contact details will then be immediately published in the Phone registry.


The sequence of the numbers should correspond to the order of priority you wish to use. The first number will, therefore, be the one displayed first. It should be noted that this number is also visible on the cells of the NOW view.

Use this symbol to change the display sequence for telephone numbers.



Define a doctor’s main site

For each of the planned members, you can define the main site, i.e. indicate in which establishment the member generally works.

  • To configure the main site, simply locate the member for which you want to add contact information and click on the corresponding line
  • In the Identification drop-down list of the main site, select the desired establishment.