Group settings

Access scheduling group settings via the Scheduling menu.

Go to the settings section


To modify them, click on the Edit button in the top right of the screen.

The change is allows for the following parameters: 


1. Name: Long description of the name of your group

2. Short name : Description that will appear in group calendars, scheduling tool, group selection choices, calendar information detail panels, and so on. 

3. Address: place of practice for your group.

4. Time zone: the selected time zone will determine the times of the group calendar shifts. For shift times in personal calendars, these are based on the member's time zone.

5. Group specialty: option to change the specialty assigned to this scheduling group.

6. Group Language: This one will be the default one, but if a member wants to modify it for his use, he can do it via his profile.



7. Ability to select a default group for the Scheduling section. This addition can be very useful for multi-group users. By pressing the checkmark in the box provided, and saving the changes, the list of periods in this group will be displayed when you access this menu.