Period List

The list of periods has been revised to improve the visual and to be able to better track the status of the periods and the progress of their planning.

1. The Period List is accessible via the Scheduling menu

2. The period list is the displayed default page when accessing this menu.

3. Make the selection of the group for which you want to see the list of periods if you are a planner of more than one hour group.

4. Two sections in the period list:

A. Past Periods


Provides access to your past periods without loading the page of current and future periods that are more frequently used.


B. Current Periods which include:

1. Current period

2. Future period


C. To access the planning tool of a period, click on the button See period of the requested period

D. State of the period: Different states possible on the periods. 

1. In planning:no schedule available for members, this period is under construction by the planner.


2. Published: schedule accessible for every members. All changes have a direct impact on members' calendars.


3. Test: status often used for the use of a period for training. This status prevents the publication of the period.


E. Planning Status

1. Absence requests: allows for follow-up if absences requests are waiting for approval or processing. By clicking on Absence Requests, you will be redirected to the Absence Management module.

2. Follow-up of the progress made on Absence entry before the limit date is reach. Number of resources out of the total that entered at least 1 absence for the period.


3. When absence entry is complete and you are in planning mode. You can follow through the list of periods the number of assignments that have been made.

4. Once the absences are completed and the period is published, it allows a follow-up on the changes made for shifts related to this period.   When clicking on Change request, you will be redirected to this module.

5. Transferring values allows you, if your configuration allows, to transfer equity values from one period to another. For this option to be available, the previous period must have been published. The transfer of values is possible only one, for a single period at a time. By clicking Transfer Values, you will be redirected to the Equity section where you can transfer. 


F. Allow Absence entry or not:when it is green, the members can make the absence entry for the dates represented by this period, without influence of the end date of the absence entry. This end date is not restrictive. It is important that you disable the absence entry before starting the planning, in order to limit the impacts.

H. Visual for groups with the Basic plan.

1. Absence entry can not be opened because the absence module is not available with the basic plan

2. Status on absence requests is not available because members can not add absences.

3. Tracking change requests is not available because members can not trade and transfer shifts themselves.