Add and Remove Multiple Absences

Members with the necessary permissions can now add and delete absences for other members in multiple mode.

Access the group calendar and click on the Monthly button. Then select the member's name from the roll-down menu.

If you have the required permissions, you will have access to the Absences menu

Two choices available from this menu

  1. Add absences
  2. Remove absences


Add absences

By choosing this option, you will switch to the calendar for a particular member, the treatment of absences in multiple mode is for one member at a time.

Select the time slots in the calendars.

When the selection is completed, click on the Add button

The right pane will open to allow you to validate and categorize the information on absences to add.

When your selections are completed, click on the Save button to confirm the addition. 

Remove absences

Select the absences tabs to remove by clicking on each of them. 

Click on the Remove button when your selection is completed

Validate in the right pane that the selections are the right ones.

When the check is complete, click on Remove these absences to confirm the withdrawal.