How to create an appointment type

Kathleen Kelly

Clinics with an EMR

It is not possible to create a new type of appointment from the PetalBooking interface. Contact the PetalMD technical support team to do this.


Clinics without an EMR can do it themselves. Here is how :

From the PetalBooking interface:

  1. Settings section
  2. Services tab
  3. Click on Add a service to create a new type of appointment.
  4. Enter the service name in French and in English
  5. Select a color for this type of appointment.
  6. Activate or deactivate ou désactivez the described features.
  7. Save.
  8. Click on the pencil icon edit.jpg to edit the service.
  9. Edit the various subsections for this specific type of appointment only.



Post on the online appointment portal.

Configure the automatic long term and short term reminders to be sent to patients.

Configure general patient restrictions or for specific resources.

Automatic publication
Configure the publication of online time slots, according to the preference of each health professional.

Add files to email appointment reminders.

Cancellation time limit
Specify the deadline in hours or days (0 and +) that a patient can cancel an appointment.

Enable or disable a form, edit, add and remove questions and answers.