Create, edit and delete a non schedule (communication) group

Group Planners can create, manage and delete non scheduling (communication) groups.

Non-schedule groups are a great way to communicate with a small number of members compared to all members of a scheduling group. Non scheduling groups may be used to associate several members who do not necessarily belong to the same scheduling group. They are also used to control access to the documentation deposited and accessible on the platform or for event planning.

  1. Create a Non-Schedule group

From the Contacts menu, you will see on the left side panel all of your distribution lists, your scheduling groups and your non-schedule groups. To create a new non-schedule group, click on the + on the Non-schedule group section.


To create a new Non-scheduled group, the following information must be provided:

  1. Name: The group's name is limited to 100 characters
  2. Short name: The group's short name is limited to 20 characters. The short name is displayed on the left side panel to access the group.
  3. City: This corresponds to the place (location) this group belongs to.
  4. Time Zone: The time zone selected will affect the events time shown in the group and members respective calendars.
  5. Group specialty: this field is optional. To enter it, you may select from the drop-down list provided.
  6. Group language: Choose between French or English. The language selected for the group will be designated for new members and can be modified in their profile.

Once the required fields are entered, the Save button will become available.

If you click Cancel, the information will be lost and you will be redirected to the contact list.

2. Edit a non-schedule group

To change the settings of a non-schedule group, select the name of the group to edit in the left side panel of the contacts menu.

Click on the Pencil at the top right of the screen

When you click on the pencil, the 6 fields available at the creation of the group will display for editing.


3. Delete a non-schedule group

Only the administrative members of a non-scheduled group may delete it.

Select the name of the group to edit in the left side panel of the contact menu.

Then click on the trash icon at the top right of the screen.


Once the trash icon is clicked, a warning box will open.  You will need to confirm the deletion of this group by clicking on the Delete button.  Please note that this action is irreversible. The group and all the members it contains will be lost.