Absences Management permissions

Group planners can edit the Absences Management permissions and settings through the Absences section of the Scheduling menu.

Select the Permissions tab.

The permission table allows you to see who can:

  1. Approve absences if required
  2. Process absences if required
  3. Be notified when absences are added or deleted



It is possible to check and uncheck the 3 boxes directly via the list. If additional changes are required, you can do so by clicking on the pen corresponding to the recipient for whom the configuration is to be changed.

To remove a recipient from the list, use the trash icon.

To add a new permission, click on the button Add permission.


To configure a new permission, you must make the following selections:

  1. Recipient: Any member of the group may be selected
  2. Absences categories for which the recipient will have to take action or be informed
  3. Permitted actions for this recipient
    1. Approve: The recipient will have to approve absences from the selected categories for them to be effective.
    2. Process: The recipient will have to process the absences, after being approved (if required) for the absences to be effective.
    3. Notified: The recipient will receive notifications for each absence request or cancellation for the determined categories and members.
  4. Members: The recipient would only be notified or required to approve or process absences for the selected members.




 Once all the selections have been made, the Save button becomes available.