Add, edit, remove shifts in mass

Administrative members and group planners can add, edit or delete multiple shifts rather than one at a time for other members.

These 3 options are possible for 1 member at a time.

Follow these steps to access this feature:

  1. Access group calendar in Monthly viewSelect the member's calendar you want to edit prior to going to step 2.

2. Only group planners and administrative members will have access to the Shifts menu.

3. Add shifts for another member: as a default setting, the application will prompt the calendar of the first member in your member's list if you did not previously select a specific member. When you select one of the options in this menu, the calendar will be displayed.

4. Administrative members will only view the shifts available to be added for this member. The Group planner will view all of the group's shifts available to be added.

5. Select the shifts to add by clicking on the shift tabs with a white background. The selection will be displayed with a check mark.

6. With the first selection, the Add button becomes available.

7. Clicking on Add opens a right panel summarizing the shift selections. The link indicating the number of shifts selected will display the details of the selection and enable you to remove shifts as needed.

8. Confirm the addition of these shifts by clicking on the Save button

9. This notification appears at the top of the calendar to confirm the addition of those shifts on the member's calendar.

10. To edit shifts, click on the menu Edit shifts.

11. In edit mode, select the shifts to modify by clicking on the shift tabs. When selected, click the Edit button to access the modification panel.

12. The right pane will open showing the information that can be changed. These changes will apply to all selected shifts.

A. Changing the hours is possible only if all the selected shifts are in the same time slot.

B. Adding or editing an annotation will be applied to all selected shifts.

C. Adding or editing a comment will be applied to all selected shifts.

13. When the changes are made, click the Save button to confirm the modification.

14. This notification appears at the top of the calendar to confirm the modification of those shifts on the member's calendar.

15.To delete shifts, click on the Remove shifts menu.

16. Click on the shifts to remove from the calendar. A white checkmark confirms the selection.

17. Click on the Remove button to open the right panel allowing the visualization of the details of the selected shifts.

18. Confirm the deletion by clicking Remove these shifts.

19. This notification appears at the top of the calendar, confirming the removal of shifts from the member's calendar.