Identifying members with permission to add new external members in your group

To identify the members who have the permission to create new external members in your group, follow the steps below.

  • This article is only applicable to hospital institutions that have deployed the new members creation restriction functionality.
  • In this context, only designated members in the institution have the permission to add new members to Petal.

  • To assign this permission to a member or to remove it from a member, contact Technical support.



  • Connect to the Portal with a Planner, Member or Administrative Member profile

  • Have the New external members creation permission for the group

  • Have access to the group

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling> Members and teams


  1. From your left menu bar, click on Scheduling, then select Members and teams.

  2. Click on the Members tab.

    The list of existing members in your group is displayed.





In the list, the members who have the permission of adding new external members are identified with the banner New external member creation..



Group planners who don’t have the New external member creation permission are able to add existing Petal members to their groups.