New External Members Creation Restriction

Petal is offering a new feature that will control the addition of new members within large hospital institutions. This feature is intended for large organizations configured as consoles and involving a group hierarchy.

This feature, which is configurable, relies on granting an exclusive permission to add new users to one or more group members in Petal. The permission is granted to a designated member which could be a planner, member or an administrative member. Only Support can assign the permission to a designated member or remove it.

Planners without the permission to add new external users, are still allowed to add, edit and delete users that already exist in Petal. Planners are never able to remove themselves from their own group.

To start using the New external members creation control feature, please contact Support.


Detailed Instructions

(i) Instructions below apply to Planners, Members or Administrative Members (if they have been given the New external member creation permission).

For more information on working with the new external members creation restriction, click on the links below: