Editing staff contact details in the Registry

The Phone registry allows administrative members to manage contact information in order to reach hospital staff. Click here for more details.

To edit contact details in the Phone registry, follow the steps below.

Information entered by the account owners through their profiles is view-only in the phone registry and cannot be modified by the registry administrative members.



  • Before a member can access and administer the registry, they must have the required permissions and be an administrative member of the console group.


1. From the left menu bar, click on Hospital dashboards.

2. Select Phone registry.


3. In the list that appears containing, locate the entryfor whom you wish to add contact information and click on the corresponding line.

4. In the contact card, click on the pen to make it editable.


5. The Modifying contact information windows opens up containing the following sections.

  • Personal information
  • Numbers managed by the physician and available in the hospital dashboard
  • Numbers managed by the hospital dashboard administrator
  • Contact Notes

6. Under the personal contact information, modify the following information if needed by selecting an option from the dropdown menus:

  • Account type
  • Affiliation
  • Principal health institution


7. The Numbers managed by the physician and available in the hospital dashboard section is view-only and cannot be edited.


8. Under the Numbers managed by the hospital dashboard administrator section, modify the existing numbers if needed or click on +  to enter the phone numbers you want to make available in the hospital console. 

  • Identify the type of number: mobile, work, home, pager,...
  • Enter a phone number.
  • Determine whether the number should be public or private
  • Add a note to provide additional information to the phone number. 
  • Use the up or down arrow to modify the list sequence display. 


9. Under the Contact Notes section, click on + to add anote that will be displayed in the registry next to the contact name.

  • Select a date for  start of display and end of display.
  • Enter the note in the text field.


10. Click Save to save the changes. The contact details will then be immediately published in the Phone registry.