Creating a new shift for a calendar group

To create a new shift for a calendar group, follow the steps below.

To address your group’s planning scheduling needs, it is possible to create shifts and configure some parameters such as :

  • Description (name, type, start period)
  • Planned time slot on a week (time slot, day)
  • Required resources
  • Value for equity counters

A set of predefined time blocks (AM, PM, JOUR, SOIR, 24H, 5JOUR, 7/24H, FDSOIR) are available to simplify the scheduling planification. To define further blocks that meet any specific requirements, please refer to our customer support.



  • Connect to Portal with a planner profile

  • Have access to Group's calendar

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shifts

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shifts > Display sequence


1. From the Scheduling icon, click on Shifts.

Under the Shifts tab, the table lists all the active and future shifts for the selected group.


2. Click on Create a shift.

3. The Add shift window opens up.


4. Under the Description section, fill the fields described below:

Field Description
Shift name Will be displayed in calendar (max. 40 characters)

Shift type

  • On-call
  • Normal


  • On-call or for shifts requiring to be reachable
  • Clinical tasks, on site
Description (optional) Displays when shift is selected in the personal or group calendar and in the right panel containing the shift details
Start period Current period and all future ones


  • Personal moments
  • Show moments


  • Members can modify hours of assigned shifts in calendar
  • Show times when printing schedules

5. Under the Time slots and time blocks section, a calendar containing all available time slots for the shift opens up.


6. To select multiple time slots on one or more days simultaneously, click on the + signs available in the Block column, one of these two options:

  • Open Mon. to Fri. : Opens 5 days of the week
  • Open 7 days : Opens 7 days of the week

(i) Time blocks

  • Blocks enable multi-selection of slots.
  • For a specific shift, selected blocks cannot overlap. For example, if JOUR slots are opened, AM and PM slots will be unavailable, because they overlap with JOUR.
  • Time indicated on slots are only for information purposes. Blocks control the shift configuration. For example, if you modify the times indicated on a AM slot to be equivalent to a JOUR block, i.e 8:00 to 5:00, is still considered AM et not full day for shift blocking and time off requests.


7. To select a single slot on a specific week day, click on the + sign at the intersection of the block and day of the week.


8. Click on an open time slot (blue background) to modify the default configuration. In the Edit a time slot window corresponding to the intersection block and day, select the options below:



Field Description

Holidays management

  • Include
  • Exclude
  • Only
  • Shift applies during holidays
  • Shift does not apply during holidays
  • Shift applies only during holidays
All day From midnight to midnight, no modification allowed
Start and End time Shift times (format hh:mm)
Minimum and Maximum requirement Minimum and maximum requirements for the shift on this time slot
Units Value accounted for equity counters

Apply to

  • Only this time slot
  • All open time slots


  • Modify only this slot
  • Modify all open time slots for this block


9. Click on Apply to save modifications.

10. When the shift configuration is completed, click on Save.

11. The Skills management window opens to allow for the selection of teams or members with skills for this shift. Edit if applicable and select Save or Define later.


12. Confirmation for the shift creation is returned and the shift is displayed at the top of the shifts list. 



To modify shifts sequence display

1. Click on the Display sequence tab.

2. Click on Edit.


3. In the Sequence column, select the shift ranking with the mouse and move it to the selected position.

4. Click on Save.