Configuring shifts properties for a group

To configure shifts properties for a group, follow the steps below. .

For each calendar group, it is possible to create shifts and define their properties such as the possibility to :

  • Trade or transfer the shift
  • Split the shift (by the member or the planner)
  • Add or suppress the shift (by the member)
  • Apply an approval flow
  • Apply a processing flow

Planner’s rights are required to modify shifts' configuration.



  • Connect to Portal with a planner profile

  • Have access to Group's calendar

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shifts

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shifts > Configuration


1. From the Scheduling icon, click on Shifts.

Under the Shifts tab, the table lists all the active and future shifts for the selected group.


2. Click on the Configuration tab.

The configuration matrix for the active and future shifts for this group is displayed. The Filter option  allows to select the columns to display.


3. To search for a shift, enter the shift name in the Search field.

4. To modify the current properties' selection, click on Edit.

5. For each shift, select or unselect the properties in the matrix.



Properties Description
Trade and transfer Members can trade or transfer their shifts.
Splittable by planner From the planning tool, planner can divide the shift in two. For example, if a member is not available for the beginning or the end of his on-call shift, the shift can be splitted between two members.
Splittable by member A member can decide to transfer only part of its shift. A shift can only be divided in two.
Assignable by member Members are able to self-assign on this shift from their calendar.
Unassignable by member Members can remove this shift from their calendars.
Approvable required Third-party approval required to modify this shift.
Processed required

Third-party processing required to modify this shift.

  • Pre-execution : after the modification is approved.
  • Post-execution : after the modification is done.

6. Click on Save.