Editing or deleting a shift for a group

To modify a shift or to delete it (some restrictions apply), follow the steps below.

If there are any assignments on the shift, the shift cannot be deleted.



  • Connect to Portal with a member’s profile
  • Have access to Group's calendar

Access in Petal

  • Home page > Left menu > Scheduling > Shift


1. From the Scheduling icon, click on Shifts.

Under the Shifts tab, the table lists all the active and future shifts for the selected group.


To modify an existing shift

1. From the list of shifts, it is possible to select or unselect the following two options:

  • Personal moments : Members can modify hours of assigned shifts in calendar
  • Show moments : Show times when printing schedules

2. Click on the pen icon to be able to modify all other parameters.

3. For more details about the Edit shift window, refer to https://support.petalmd.com/hc/en-ca/articles/25535347388180-Creating-a-new-shift-for-a-calendar-group.



To delete a shift

1. From the Shifts tab, click on the trash icon.

  • If the trash icon is disabled (grey), there are probably assignments on the shift and it is impossible to delete the shift.



Remove the assignments on this shift during the current period . When the shift will be empty, you will be able to delete the shift.


2. Confirm the deletion by selecting Yes in the confirmation message. 


When you delete a shift, there might be an impact on equity and constraints configuration.


3. The shift is deleted from the list if shifts in the current period as well as the future ones.