Inviting a team member to the platform by email

To add individual team members to the platform, follow the steps below.

  • Individual users will be sent an invitation via email and text message to download the mobile app and setup their accounts.
  • It is possible to reinvite members that have not responded to the initial invitatio sent.



1. Click on Team Members from the left menu bar.

2. Select the location from the dropdown list.

3. Click on Invite Team Members .

4. Select Invite a Team Member.

5. In the Invite Team Member panel, enter information for the following fields: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone
  • Language Preference
  • Primary Location
  • Primary Position
  • Employment Status
  • Optional fields : Hourly Rate, Employee ID, Employee Start Date, Employee Birth Date 

6. Click on Invite.

7. An Invite Successful message is returned.
8. The team member will be notified by email and text message to download the mobile app and starts receive shifts on the app once signed up.

9. Click on Done.

Re-inviting members

1. Click on Resend Sign Up Invite.

2. Click on Send to confirm.

3. A Re-Invite Successful message is displayed.

4. Click on Done.


A new invitation has been sent out to team members who are currently pending mobile sign-up. Users for which signup is pending can be scheduled, but they need to sign up on the mobile app to view their shifts.