Logging in to the Petal App


To increase security, Petal has introduced multifactor authentication. 


1. Upon your next login to the Petal app, you’ll receive an email with a code that allows the app to validate your identity.

  • If you don’t see the new login screen as illustrated below, logout and then login again.

Procedure for the First Login

Upon your first attempt to login to the Petal App and after validating your email address (i.e. used to receive Petal communications) and password, you’ll see the following message prompting you to enter a code:


2. Open your inbox and search for a Password Code Request email from Petal. The email may be in your spam folder. If you cannot find the email at all, click Resend to receive a new code.


The code received is valid for 5 minutes. If you do not use it after that period, you’ll need to ask for a new one by going through the login procedure again.



3. Copy the code contained in the email from Petal.


To avoid having to enter a code each time you log in, check the option Remember this device for 30 days.


4. You now have access to the Petal app and won’t be asked to authenticate with a code again for the next 30 days or unless your logout.