Initiating a group chat with your team

To communicate with your team members and administrators at your location using one of the available options, follow the steps below.

Conversation: a one-on-one interaction with a team member or administrator. Click here.

Group chat: a group interaction with multiple team members and/or administrators, where all group members can respond to and see all messages within the group chat. 

Broadcast: a message sent to a group of people, where all team members can see the message you send within the group but cannot respond to the group (i.e. team members responses will be sent to you as a 1:1 conversation). Click here.



1. Click on Communications from the left menu bar.

2. Click on New.

3. Select  New Group Chat.

4. In the Creating New Conversation, select which team member you would like to send a message to. Use the Search Team Member bar to locate the member.
Use the available filters to narrow down the search by Location, Team Member Type or Position.

5. Click on Select Team Member to proceed.

6. Type your message and click Send.

7. Members receive your message on their app and can respond to you and or to the group.