How to manually split a Shift

Here are the steps to manually split a shift between members using the planning tool. This can be used to share a shift among two or more members. In this case, we have split the shift between two members.

If the shift is configured with a maximum requirement of "1" member, you must change the configuration to add other members to the specific shift and then indicate the times when each member will be working.

Step 1: Adjust the number of members

Step 2: Specifying moments


Note: In a situation where the replacement is done on the day following the beginning of the shift, the second member needs to be assigned on that next day as shifts appear on the day when they begin.

For example, a 24h shift that begins at 10 pm.
Member #1 begins at 10 pm on Day ONE.
Member #2 will replace Member #1 for the last part of the shift which occurs on Day TWO. Member #3 begins the next shift as scheduled at 10 pm at the end of day TWO.

The assignment must be configured as such:
Assign member #1 to the Day ONE shift and add a note such as “Will be replaced from X hour” and edit the times accordingly.
Go to the Day TWO shift and change the requirements so two members can be assigned.
Assign Members #2 and #3 to the Day TWO shift. Edit the time for Member #2.

Although, Members #1 and #2 are sharing the shift. Members #2 and #3 need to be assigned in the same DAY as both will be starting their respective shifts in the same day.



Step 1: Adjust the number of members


Go to the Tasks tab.


Click on the cell where the shift must be shared. Then on the Edit  button.

Notice that the requirement is of "1".



Click the "+" to add members to the Maximum requirements and then click on the Save button.



The requirements will have changed from "1" to "1-2"




Apply Changes and go back to the Plan  tab.

Assign the two members to the task.

Again Apply Changes.




Step 2: Specify the different moments


Now that the members are assigned to the shift, the actual moments when the members will be performing the same shift must be indicated.

Click on the cell then, click on the settings wheel, to the right of the member's name in the Assignment table. 


Specify the assigned hours. Save.

Do this for each member. 




The shift is now shared between the two members and the times can be seen under their names.

When the settings wheel is green, you know that the assignment has been edited.