Equity Tab Overview

Equity counters let you plan fair schedules.  










Equity Tab


The Equity section enables you to specify individual targets for different equity packs.


Here is what an Equity Pack Targets table looks like it is found in the Equity section.


Make all the appropriate changes and click on the Update button to save your changes.

You can also Hide the actual target values.




Equity Table


The Equity table, that is found in the right side column, enables you to view the actual assignment count. Counters update as you Apply changes to the schedule assignments. 



To select which tasks to be displayed in the table, click on the settings wheel at the far right of the title bar.


A window will open, where you can select which counters you want to see. 




Equity type



This is the default counter displaying task units by physician. 



Defines the equity targets by physician or by task. These counters use a color code to support decision-making.


The style of the equity table provides details about the gap between the target and the number of assigned tasks (see legend for details):

Dotted line
Value below the target
Value above the target
Filled Circle
Value on target
Exact value or very close to the target
Far from the target value
No circle
No set target, informative counter only



Titles now indicate the effect of each equity counter on your automated assignment steps:

No impact, informative counter only

Influent. The equity counter will influence assignments without preventing the automated step from exceeding targets to assign all open tasks.

Limiting. The equity counter prevents automated steps from exceeding the targets to assign all open tasks.




The specific value defined for this counter, for this task, for this physician.

Objectives that each physician must meet during this period.

Total of tasks assigned to the physician for this period.

Difference between the Target and the Current values.

As published
Value of counters at publishing time. Changes (transfers, exchanges or other) made to the schedule after publication are not considered.


By clicking on a counter name at the top of the equity counter, you can view the details for this task. Clicking on the magnifying tool will toggle between the physician view and the task view.


By task


By physician



From these tables, you can click on the Settings wheel at the top right corner to modify the equity type or the target value. 


For a task



For a physician


A different Equity Type can be determined for each task or physician.  




Equity values


Hovering over the Regarding equity calculations link will display the following information:


Average number of tasks.

Percentage (%) established for a physician based on the fair value which represents 100% in relative value.

Variation above (+) or below (-) the average.

Amount of specific tasks to be handled by the physician. (~) = fair


The "average" depends on the values. For example : 3 physicians split 15 tasks and one of them has a relative equity of 50%, the other two with equal values will have 6 tasks each (and not 15/3 = 5 tasks) and the first physician will get 3.