Availability Tab Overview

The Availability tab enables you to visualize how many physicians are available for a specific task on a given date.

Default view

Period table

Task table



Default view:

The number in the cells indicate how many physicians are available to be assigned to that task on that day.


Period table

The information found in the Period  table, in the right column, pertains to the amounts for that specific period. 



Type task

This is the task, not separated by shift or time slot.

A task can be separated according to time slots in the work plan such as OR2/AM and OR2/PM. In the Period table, it's the task in full that is indicated: OR2.



Maximum number of required physicians multiplied by the number days where the task is open. 

Clinic task: Maximum of 3 physicians/day x 20 days in the period = 60 assignment days.



This is the number of assignments.

ICU task: Blocks of 7 days x 4 weeks in the period = 4 tasks to be assigned.



Actual calendar days when the task is open for assignments. 

OR2 task: Open Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays) for four weeks = the task is open for 16 days of the period


Task table



Clicking on a cell will open the Task table to the right of the screen. You will find specific information concerning the physicians' availabilities for that assignment:

  • Black : available 
  • Red: unavailable


The ineligible physicians are in the lower part of the table.