Adding or modifying positions

To add or modify positions, follow the steps below.

  • Before creating a new position, you need to create a department to which the position is added.
  • When adding a new department, you need to create at least one custom position under the department.
  • Departments are used to group positions that are interrelated.



1. Click on Settings in your left menu bar.

2. Click on Positions.

3. Click on + Add Department.

4. Enter the Department Name.

5. Click on + Add Position.

6. Enter the Position Name.

7. Click Save.

8. To modify a Department,  select the Department to be modified from the list.

9. Click on Edit.

10. The modifications allowed are:

  • Delete Department and attached Custom Positions
  • Modify Department Name
  • Add New Position
  • Delete Custom Position

11. Click Save.


If you send shifts to agency workers, contact your customer success manager (CSM) to have your custom positions mapped.