Inviting your team to the platform

To add team members to the platform (e.g. adding a new department/team, after a job fair, upon initial set up, etc.), follow the steps below.

Team members are added via a spreadsheet (CSV template).



1. Click on Team Members from the left menu bar.

2. Click on Invite Team Members .

3. Select Invite via Spreadsheet.

4. In the Import via Spreadsheet window, click on Download.

5. You have downloaded the InviteSpreadsheetTemplate file which is a CSV spreadsheet template. Update the file with the team members that you wish to invite.

  • Mandatory fields are marked using an asterisk (*).
  • Use the exact values provided in spreadsheet for locations and positions.
  • For multiple secondary positions, input positions separated by a comma and a space.
  • The first entry is an example, replace it with real data.
  • Rows 1 to 6 are instructions.Delete them before uploading.

6. In the Import via Spreadsheet window, select the file to upload.

7. Click Upload.

Invited team members receive an invitation to download the app and sign up.

8. After the team members have signed up, review the team members' profiles under Team Members. Filter by Position or Location, status or position and search for them in the search bar.

Statuses available for team members:
1. Pending Sign Up (gold) - user has not signed up after being invited 
2. Incomplete profile (pink) - user has signed up, but it missing some mandatory information
3. Pending Approval (teal) - user has signed up, filled in all mandatory info and is awaiting approval
4. Approved (green) - user is approved 
5. Blocked (grey) - user is blocked 

9. Select a team member.

10. Click Edit to make any changes.

11. Click on Complete Profile to approve their profile.

Any team member who signs up after a spreadsheet invitation is automatically approved.

12. Approved team members have access to view and accept available shifts.